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A MUST DO POP QUIZ | Are you feeling distracted lately?

Are you feeling distracted lately?

Do you have difficulty concentrating on tasks or remembering important information?

It’s important to understand your level of concentration so that you can take the necessary steps to improve it.

We created a test that can help assess your current concentration levels. Read each question below and rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being “very much so” and 5 being “not at all”:

1. Do you find yourself easily distracted by noise and other  activities around you?

2. When trying to focus on a task, are you easily diverted from what you need to do?

3. Are you able to stay focused on a project or task until it is completed?

4. When presented with an assignment or project, are you able to plan out how best to complete it?

5. Do you tend to forget things often when completing a task?

6. When attempting something challenging, do you lose interest quickly?

7. Are you generally patient when taking part in any activity?

Once you’ve rated yourself on each of these questions, add up the total number of points and check your score below:

Score 7-20: You have difficulty staying focused for long periods of time, but there is still hope for improvement! Start off by creating a routine for yourself and make sure to prioritize tasks based on importance. Consider doing mental exercises like meditation which can help improve concentration levels over time.

Score 21-30: Your concentration levels are moderate but could use some work. Dedicate more time towards developing good study habits such as breaking large assignments into smaller chunks and rewarding yourself after finishing a certain task. These methods can help increase motivation and lead to better productivity overall!

Score 31-35: Your concentration levels are quite strong; however there is always room for improvement! Experiment with different methods such as writing down everything that needs to be done each day in order of priority, taking frequent breaks between tasks, or avoiding distractions while working (like checking social media). Doing these small adjustments can greatly increase efficiency in whatever tasks or projects that may come up in life!

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