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“Create a workspace that you love to come to”

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About Yogi

At Yogi, our journey began not as sellers but as seekers.

We’ve been there. Working in busy offices, juggling tasks and meetings, feeling the weight of endless job demands. Coming back to our own desk was our little escape, our safe spot. But even there, constant interruptions made it hard to stay on track. With emails buzzing in and coworkers chatting around, focusing felt almost impossible. We often ended our days feeling drained, stressed, and not as productive as we hoped.

So, we started looking for solutions. Little things we could add to our desk space to help us stay focused, relaxed, and efficient. First on the list? Fidget toys. But many we tried just didn’t work. They were noisy, distracting, or just not fun. That’s when we created the Yogi Fidget Toy. Simple, Silent, Playable with one hand, and just right. It quickly became a hit, not just with us, but with everyone at the office.

Seeing how much of a difference it made, we thought, “Why stop there?” And that’s how the Yogi brand began. We started exploring and testing all sorts of products—from different fidget tools and calming scents products to helpful journals, and much more. Every item was chosen and designed with one goal in mind: making our workspace, whether at home or the office, a place of calm, focus, and efficiency.

Our aim? To help you enjoy your work, day in and day out, by making your workspace a place you love to come to, A haven of calm, focus, and excellence.