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Yogi Fidget Toy

  • Original Yogi: Unique, Patented Design – Stand out with innovation.
  • One-Hand Play: Easy, intuitive engagement.
  • Stress Relief, Enhanced Focus: Perfect for productive workspaces.
Yogi Patent

Yogi Fidget Toy


Yogi Fidget Toy: Your Compact Solution for Stress-Free Focus

Complete Set for Universal Fit: Each Yogi Fidget Toy comes with five ring sizes in one package, ensuring a perfect fit for fingers of all sizes.

Effortless Multitasking: Designed for one-handed use, Yogi allows you to relax while staying productive, whether you’re at work, studying, or reading.

Discreet and Quiet: Ideal for the office, this patent product is small enough to fit in your palm or pocket, providing a silent way to manage stress without distraction.

Elegance Meets Durability: Made with high-quality materials, Yogi’s vibrant designs add a touch of style to your workspace, reflecting our commitment to crafting exceptional workspace essentials.

A Symbol of Workspace Zen: Yogi isn’t just a toy; it’s a commitment to a calmer, more focused work environment, aligning with our mission to make every workspace a place of well-being.

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One Single Cycle Action Can...

Reduce Anxiety &
Stress Levels



Instruction Guide

How Yogi

Yogi fidget toy was designed to be played with one hand, allowing you to be free to do other things while using it.

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  1. SG

    I bought one of these over a year ago and loved it so much but lost it on a trip sadly. Couldn’t wait to get a new one and I’m so glad I did. Helps me fidget/stim without it being noticeable or disruptive to people around me. Love that it is small so it is easy to take anywhere.

  2. M3

    Got this for my daughter and will be giving to her for Christmas

  3. H

    Works for me
    I have a bad habit of picking at the skin around my fingers (yes I know- eww). I got this as a hopeful substitute and I quite like it. It’s very quiet so I think I can use it in public settings- like a dull meeting or other situation in which I tend to get antsy.

    Update: It’s been a month of use and I really like this. Any time I feel the urge to pick at my fingers I divert that impulse into playing with the spinner. I carry it around with me in my bag all the time so I can easily grab it. It comes with different silicone finger sizes so I was able to pick the one that works best for me. I’ve tried other spinners in the past and they didn’t help but this one

    Video #1 from H
  4. K

    Love these things
    It’s like a fidget spinner but not as annoying, I’ve bought two, one for me and another for a friend.

  5. G

    Just love it!

    Image #1 from Gil