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Yogi Stress Balls

  • Exclusiveย Finger Strap Grip: Unique stress balls design.
  • Highly Rated 4.9/5ย asย Ideal for gifts.
  • Varied Resistance Levels: Tailored to your strength.
  • Inspirational Quotes: Motivation in every squeeze.ย 
Yogi Stress Balls - fidget toy for Hands Therapy, Comes with inspirational quotes

Yogi Stress Balls


Yogi Stress Balls: Your Go-To Solution for Stress Relief & Focus

๐ŸŒŸ Ergonomic Finger Grip Design: Yogi Stress Balls come with a unique finger grip, Uniquely designed to allow the ball to comfortably stay on your hand even when you’re not actively squeezing it. This innovative feature lets you relax with the ball at any time, effortlessly keeping it in your hand while ensuring maximum comfort. Perfect for enhancing focus and providing a sensory outlet for adults.

๐ŸŒˆ Customized Resistance for Hand Strength: Each ball offers a different level of firmness, made with premium, flexible gel and durable fabric. Tailor your stress relief and hand exercise experience to your personal preference.

๐Ÿ’ญ Inspirational and Uplifting: Stay motivated with each squeeze! Our stress balls are adorned with motivational quotes, turning every moment of stress into one of inspiration.

๐ŸŽ Ideal for Gifting: Whether it’s for a friend, family member, or colleague, Yogi Stress Balls make for a thoughtful and unique gift, suitable for anyone looking to relieve stress and improve concentration.

โญ Versatile and Effective: These stress balls aren’t just for stress relief; they’re also great for strengthening grip and hand muscles. Their compact size makes them a convenient addition to your desk, gym bag, or relaxation routine.

Yogi Stress Balls โ€“ Squeeze Your Way to Serenity and Strength!

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Yogi Stress Balls

The Ultimate stress ball experience. Uniquely designed with a finger grip.

  • Flexible strap intended to keep the ball on your fingers while you rest between sets
  • High Quality Gel stress balls, with a soft fabric cover
  • Perfect for Hand Therapy Relief


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    Helping hand
    I received my Yooi stress balls and started using them. I have to start off with the soft one because I had surgery done on my wrist. Believe me using the stress ball is really helping. I have to be care full with my wrist and not over do it. This is really helping.

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    No yoga bag would be complete without a can of stress release balls. Each ball is infused with positive a message. The texture is smooth and the gel is squishy but firm enough to release tension. Very fun and inexpensive gift for the yogi who has everything or great stress relief ball for yourself.

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    Use for plasma donation
    Really really like these I am so glad I found them I have to have something to squeeze when donating plasma for that one 45 minute to an hour time in the chair

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    2 Pack with different intensities
    Love using these when watching Tv or while at work to ease tension. This is a two pack with a variable tension when squeezed. The light green one is easier to squeeze than the blue one. I would of liked them to be bigger in overall size though. But not too much of an issue. The finger loop is made of the same overall material of the ball and allows for easy holding and to still do things with your hand without putting the ball down. Nice addition to these and the loop do not get in the way when not choose to use the loop. Hard cardboard cylinder container that allows for easy storage of balls.