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Yogi Oasis


Introducing the Yogi Fidget Toy – the ultimate stress relief tool for adults. The Yogi Oasis, part of our Earth collection, is inspired by the beauty of nature and its deep and bright colors. Each Yogi in the collection serves a purpose – to connect us to the natural world while relieving stress and anxiety.

Designed with one-handed use in mind, Yogi allows you to fidget and relieve anxiety while still being able to work, read, write, or participate in sports.

The Yogi package includes five different sizes for you to switch up and play with different fingers, or even share with friends and family. With its addictive spinning motion, you’ll find yourself wanting to play with Yogi for hours on end.

Our team at Yogi has put in countless hours of research and development to bring you the perfect fidget toy. After testing numerous prototypes and consulting with experts, we are confident that Yogi will be the most effective tool for stress relief and ADHD management.

Don’t wait any longer to become a Yogi Master. Purchase your Yogi Fidget Toy today and take the first step towards better stress management and focus.

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